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Contact Us

At Almanza Villarreal Forwarding we are interested in your feedback. We provide you with our contact details and directions to our offices.

Our office hours are from 8:00am to 6:00pm Monday – Friday. 

United States

Hidalgo, Tx.

600 E. Produce Road 
Hidalgo, Tx. USA 78557 
PH: (956) 843-8150
FAX: (956) 843-2132 

Laredo, Tx.

13378, Port Dr.
Laredo, Texas. USA 78045
PH: (956) 795-1110
FAX: (956) 723-0576

Brownsville, Tx.

2700 R.L. Ostos Road.
Port of Brownsville, Tx.
USA 78557
PH: (956) 832-0322